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Thanks! I know it would have haunted me, I'm glad I decided on it too.

The wires aren't lengthened yet, I wanted to wait until after the paint so that they can be bagged easily at the shop.

I don't think that the length of the wires will be too much of an issue, maybe a few inches is all thats needed. There's a hole under the fusebox that will easily hold all the wires, but the connectors won't fit through it. This is the main reason that I'm going to lengthen them. I can fit all the wires exactly through where I want with no difficulty and keep it clean without drilling bigger holes. The thing I need to take a look at is where to come back into the bay near the drivers headlights. I will have to mock up the fenders when I do it and check out spacing.

I couldn't find any good pictures of where people have come back up, but theres enough small spaces that it shouldn't be an issue.

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