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Originally Posted by ericdalinda View Post
dude you said that your not part of this "have it all" generation but your probably the epitome of the "have it all generation".

heres a start, TV size.
Totally missing the point and my 7-series and mods is a bad example. What I am trying to say is that prices are being driven down to feed demand and the only way that happens is overseas manufacturing & cutting corners. People are paying good money for sh!t that costs pennies on the dollar... hence why Apple is the world's largest company and isn't it ironic that it isn't an oil company? or a medical company? or a food chain? or a housing company?

Sure I want to buy all kinds of Sh!t that is why we work. I like toys, technology, cars but I WANT quality but its getting increasingly difficult to find it. Everything is flimsy, disposable and out of date real fast. Our parents used to rock TVs for 10+ years and appliances for decades. You can't say for a second things are and improvment and former solid companies are cutting corners and costs to compete.

Here is a few more reasons why I'm not part of it.

- I don't buy knock-offs
- I don't wait in line to buy shit
- I Don't use credit for goods, pay cash including GT-R and E30
- Every house I have owned is pre-1980
- Keep using what works, 18 yr old power amp, 13 yr old server, 12 yr old DJ headphones, 40 yr old dining set etc...
- Try to buy quality where possible for example my Skyline every part on it is Japanese except for CF hood and trunk :-( long story.

Again, this isn't an attack or a flame war... IMHO quality is dropping for feeding frenzy for china-made goods and fact is consumer debt is at record high.
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