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Originally Posted by DIY View Post
If the two ends alligned it seems like it would be simple enough to make easily removable they don't, that might be a little tricky..

Good call bout the twichyness.. Although the E36 rack has a progressive movement right? That could probably help it be a little more driveable?

Dam I want to try this now!
The way I was thinking of doing it was to hack a section out of the steering column tube (couple inches longer than the quickener) right where it bolts to the chassis.

Chop a section out of the steering column shaft, machine it, and weld in something like this on both ends

Then make a custom bracket for the steering column tube where the bottom section is welded solid like OEM but top section is bolted and the holes are slotted vertically which will give you the ability to offset the axis for the quickener or drop it back down in line for stock.

Then to swap all you have to do is loosen the collars, pull the top part back enough to get the quickener out, then slide in a solid piece with splines, slide the top section down and back on and tighten the collars.

This would also be good if you wanted to install another u-joint in the steering column and have a custom steering set-up (angle and distance from the dash) for a full blown track car
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