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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
You mean you don't want to buy tons and tons of useless shit to show off to your friends and family and to make you feel good about yourself????!!1111
nope. If it ain't broke and still useful , its not getting replaced. I can't understand current trends, replacing a 6 month old phone because the new one is 20% "faster", people have too much buying power, think they are too rich to do BS like that. Worst part is it happens every product release, just look at the ****tards who line up at apple

There are occasions when its ok, like the PS3 launch. The PS2 had been out for quite some time, was dated in the tooth and could not do what the PS3 can , example HD graphics. It had become legitimately obsolete, same thing with xbox to xbox 360.

Apple on the other hand dumps out a new product every 6months to a year, making their old one SEEM obsolete. Who the hell has $800+ to dump every 6 months on a cellphone? I think consumerism sucks.

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