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Originally Posted by careless7 View Post
Nope, not part of it because the difference is that I pay cash and use my debit card for the toys I want (excluding cars). I'm not some hippie but I'm a realist and don't fall for the buy moar junk from China to keep up... but thanks to complacence you are paying good money (typically on credit) for stuff that costs pennies on the dollar.

And could I get a newer 7-series? Yep but I feel that there is something to be said about the quality of the older gens. Flame away about E38 reliability but I've replaced all the problem-by-design-parts and it has been an absolute tank for the last couple years and should be for many more.

But yeah, my point: people demand everything now on credit and goods supply has come down in price and quality to meet the demand. Nothing wrong with what Apple or anyone else is doing... the market asked for it.
dude you said that your not part of this "have it all" generation but your probably the epitome of the "have it all generation".

you have a 7 series bmw that has a ton of aftermarket goodies in it that have probably cost well over a few thousand dollars over the years. It doesnt matter at all if it was purchased on credit or cash. 10,000 in cash or 10,000 available on a credit line is the same if its used to purchased depreciating goodies.

think about all the electronics you have.. xbox,ps3,mp3 player, cameras, watches, treadmills, tvs... and then think about why you bought them.

heres a start, TV size.
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