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Originally Posted by Deep 3.2TL View Post
Who the **** cares if he's buying it? He's doing a SHIT LOAD of good vs Jobs in the process. Ultimately that's all that matters.

And I don't think he'd buying it, for the record...

Some people are just pricks (like Jobs - Read his biography, eye opener to who he was) and some people aren't.
All I was saying is everyone has their reasoning's, and that those who do good are not always doing it for the sake of goodness. He very well may, but the general consensus among critics is that he's trying to buy it. That's not to discredit what he's done, by the time he dies he'll probably have saved millions of lives which is an incredible feat. It's just so often you see a comparison between him and Jobs for charitable offerings and it's unreasonable and always stinks of bias.
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