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I don't know about you guys, but I drive the 407 80% more than any other 400 series highway. I find that cars on the 407 move over ALOT more than when I'm on any other highway....I don't flash my lights or tailgate, I stay 4-5 car lengths behind and they "get it" could that be because of less traffic? nope, it's less congested at certain times, but still busy enough to know the calibre of drivers is better than the ones I find elsewhere.

And I see alot of the times if a slower car is beside me, and they're coming up behind an even slower car, (10-20 car lengths) they need to move over, I speed up so they have room to get in behind me and not have to hit the brakes.

I'm pretty much a highway driving genius.

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Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.

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