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Beware of Lyons Auto Body!!

Car was recently in an accident and tow truck driver brought it to lyons ONLY to be stored until INSURANCE appraised it. I never wanted the car repaired there anyway if its a write off or repairable. John Lyons went ahead and appraised it himself and claimed what looked like a write off as repairable with 15k plus in damages. He did not get an approval from anyone not even insurance to start working on the car but went ahead and started anyway. We plus insurance all called him about it multiple times and he ignored each and every call and kept working on the car. Now hes not releasing the car to go to another shop without putting up a fight with us and insurance and is still working on it doing a hack job even after getting an email from insurance to stop working on the car because thats not where its getting repaired. This guy and his shop are a bunch of money hungry scam artists that will fix a written off car, make it unsafe to drive, just because they want the money. DO NOT BRING YOUR CARS TO THIS SHOP ON BURNHAMTHORPE AT ALL! DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR AND GET IT FIXED AT A PROPER SHOP NOT A SHITTY CHOP SHOP!
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