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Originally Posted by ///Maluco View Post
There's simply a LOT of poor drivers on the road without much education which IMO is one of the root causes of all this nonsense. The system is so lax it's quite shocking. Everyone and anyone can obtain a license nowadays.
Just watch an episode of Canada's Worst Driver. I bet there's a fair amount of these types of driver's surrounding you on the road on a daily basis.

Just last week some hero in a black E46 330i came blasting behind me on the left lane on the 407. I was the 3rd car on the left lane passing a Civic and truck on the second lane. I saw him coming with some serious speed and I obviously getting out of his way so I shift over to the 2nd lane. I was already cruising above the speed limit flowing with traffic and this douche ended up cutting in front of me, nearly clipping my front bumper and swings across two lanes and back to the left lane nearly clipping the Honda Civic in front of me. I let off the throttle as soon as I noticed he wasn't slowing down when he was passing me. I had this sick feeling this guy is either going to pass on the shoulder at that rate of speed or thinks he has greasy bumpers and slips between the Civic driver and me. So you understand the distance this all happened in, it started AFTER the off ramp exit to Keele St. and he completed these careless maneuvers before the Keele St. underpass.
Then he proceeds to swing 3 lanes at one time to exit at the 400 southbound.
You have all types on the roads. Those who have no clue what to do and those who 'think' they know what they're doing seem to add to the problem.
Now a cherry on the cream, was he on a cellphone while doing all this? The reason why I am asking is because it was way better without that cellphone ban. I can tell that cops can not do shit about it because everyone is on their phone these days. The other times, they put their phone on their lap while they talk and text. I find it even more dangerous because before you could hold your phone against your head and keep your eyes on the road......
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