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Originally Posted by Quack View Post
you think everyone is ripping off the iPhone, guess you never seen the LG Prada phone that was introduced in 2006 & then sold in Janaury 2007, before the first iPhone was even for sale, it was a large display touch screen phone and that isn't the only one, there were large touch screen phones back in the early 90's as well, just not practical & affordable at that time.

also the pic comparing tablets, you choose pics of PC tablets, even PC tablets today are still bigger than normal tablets, and besides Apple didn't invent tablets that are small, haven't you seen 2001: Space Odyssey, they had flat rectangler tablets in that movie, what about Star Trek, the list goes all.
I don't remember any large screen phones, or screen phones in the early 90s (well I guess Zack Morris had an LCD number readout).

Regarding the LG and any other possible devices, the point isn't the large screen but the interface. One of the major patent infringements that everyone ripped off without blinking is the slide to unlock. The iphone was the first device to basically move the entire UI to the touchscreen, and the slide to unlock, while seemingly trivial now, is one of the things that made this feasible. When the other makers said that a qwerty-less smartphone would never work, they were right, which is why other than exceptions like that, there weren't any (I think there were a few keyboard-less winmo phones but they were expectedly shit, HTC touch comes to mind). It indeed couldn't work well, not the way they did it. Now, other than for some BB addicts, there's no other way.

I have to admit that I resisted the iphone for a long time, which speaks poorly of me since I'm a software guy specializing in UI. I've tried keyboard-less smartphones and hated them, assuming the iphone would be no different. So I stuck to the Nokia and Treo. Then before getting a tytn2, I tried an iphone and became a believer.
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