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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
I'm going to put my bilstein IX shocks up for sale shortly if anyone is interested. Making an order for the Koni fronts as soon as I get the drawings to compare some measurements

Edit.I had to reword this because it doesn't really make sense. FWIW, If I were to put the IX shocks into E30 struts, I would cut down the housings as much as possible to gain as much bump travel as possible. Putting them into stock housings with a spacer won't really gain much. It will just end up bottoming out just like stock length inserts. Although I can't remember the lengths offhand, but if anything is gained, just the droop becomes shorter.
The ix shocks are right around 3.75" shorter then the stock length e30 shocks. If anyone is wondering that's what I used in housings shortened 3.75" so I wouldnt bottom out being silly low:p Running the ix billy sports valved to your spring rate would be far superier to anything gc sells with there setups imo. I was actually planning on grabbing these off rudy and doing just that, but have decided to try bc coils instead.

Thanks for the e30 stuff last night rudy, now get back to work:p
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