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Originally Posted by noodles101 View Post
wow, why the **** is the star trying to save this yogarajah's mother****in ass?

they are trying to make it seem as HE is the victim in this case? wtf?

racism? wtf the other guy is asian too, minority vs minority, no racism here. **** him.

trying to buy sympathy saying hes scared and people are being ' racist' ..

there you go - reality vs Liberal (globalist) media propaganda/lies.

The Ottawa police guns and gangs unit is investigating a possible fight between two groups, which resulted in the gunfire.

Nazar Ismail, 23, is facing eight charges, including possessing an unregistered firearm, possessing a firearm obtained by crime, reckless discharge of a firearm and failure to comply conditions of judicial release
Ali Ismail Ali.

Ali, 22, was sentenced to 24 months less a day in jail for two counts of aggravated assault in a 2009 skate shack swarming that severely beat and injured two men.
Ali has already served seven months.

The supporters not only submitted letters of support describing Ali as a non-aggressive, friendly and helpful young man but also packed the small court room.

In the February 2009 Pauline Vanier Park attack, Douglas Beardshaw was left with a hole in his skull after telling the group not to smoke and drink in the dressing room.
KINGSTON - Police have arrested three men in connection with a mid-town bank robbery Tuesday.

The three Ottawa residents — Abdirahman Kahin, 19, Ahmed Ali Ahmed, 20, and Jama Bibirl Robel, 21 — were arrested just 30 minutes after the heist took place, Kingston police said Wednesday.

Police were called to the Bank of Montreal near the Kingston Centre just before noon Tuesday after one man entered the bank and demanded money from a teller.
The customer service from Citizenship and Immigration Canada — suddenly superb — maybe should have been taken as a sign of something underhanded.

After all, Ibtissam El-Zein had already spent about five years and thousands of dollars on lawyers and application fees after fleeing fighting in Lebanon in 1999, she told a court Monday.

If bureaucrats had ever bothered to phone her she couldn’t remember. Correspondence took the form of official-looking letters that never seemed to bear good news.

“I gave (my lawyer) a lot of money and I always had rejection,” El-Zein said through an Arabic interpreter.

So when she learned of a man “who can help you if you ask him,” El-Zein phoned him.

That man, Issam Dakik, would serve prison time for his role in a ring that fast-tracked processing of permanent resident applications.

Prosecutors claim Diane Serre — a former immigration department manager on trial for influence-peddling, bribery and breach of trust charges — was his person on the inside.
quick somebody call me a racist.. the ontario lib gov ( that was re-elected ) was campaigning promising corps $10K (corporate welfare) for any new immigrant they'd hire.. while unemployment is at record hi's..

and this isn't a L vs R thing because look at the globalist sellout conserv's

Its like a race to the bottom...
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