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Originally Posted by ///M-TRD3 View Post
If I was in Canada I would give you mine out of my 323Ti so I could go S52 but.. well that sentence is self-explanatory.

BTW, saw your thread on the .Org, you're 18" style 32s from a E38 vision is aces... ask me how I know . Ironically, I have the ACS wheels you mentioned you liked as well, they look good on the car too, along with ACS Type II's.
Been contemplating about the wheels for a long time, but this car is not in the top priorities at the moment, so wheels/tires have to put on back burner.

Originally Posted by 5style View Post
Sam, m50 with m54 internals. Screw the m52, With that setup you ll get a 3.1L stroker, which is essentially a s50 clone, with like 219whp, not crank, wheel.

I am going to do this to my old m50 laying around
Too much work man, just want reliability and some extra power.
I'll buy your unwanted wheels, PM me!
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