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Originally Posted by JINT View Post
if your 540 is 1997 and is 6spd than a Mark D tune will make the most difference for the money. If you car is 1998+ than a tune doesn't really do much. 1997 540's were made in the M-factory and use larger intake manifolds from factory, later on 2000+ DINAN E39's used 1997 intake manifolds.
actually the MarkD tune works really well with 98 E39's(I had one with MarkD tune), it's the 99+ models that doesn't do much, also it works really well with automatics, another member here has a 97 540, he originally had the Dinan Stage 3 software & auto tranny software, he said it was shit, he than got a MarkD tune & said that MarkD tune was way better than the Dinan software & tranny software that Dinan offers.

Originally Posted by momax_powers View Post
i have a 97 auto...will the markD tune still help?

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