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Now that sounds an awful lot like George W Bush's 'if you are not with us you are against us" rhetoric and labeling anyone who disagrees with you hyperbole and over the top rhetoric that has no place in politics.

But I digress on Vic Toews. He is a liar, hypocrite, and a fake Christian.

He broke election laws in Manitoba and he pled guilty to the charge and paid a fine.

He represents a bible belt riding and bases his campaigns on traditional family values and morality.

He preaches and moralisises ad nauseum and claims he worshiped his wife.

Well in between his pontificating, preaching, and moralising he found the time to father an out of wedlock child with a woman 30 years younger than himself. All the time he was pontificating about the reverence of traditional marriage and the sins of affairs and adultery he was bonking his girlfriend.

He could not keep it on his pants.

That is Vic Toews. Old goat and BS artist.
from the comments on globe and mail
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