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Get Up Stand Up! Harper wants Police to spy on ALL Canadians with no warrants

The Harper Regime plans to introduce Bill C-51 on Monday Feb 13, 2012 that will allow Police to spy on ALL Canadians with no warrants.

The Harper Regime is about to kill your internet privacy, The plan is to force every phone and Internet provider to surrender our personal information to "authorities" without a warrant.

SHARE if you are against the government spying on citizens. Harper wants to allow police to spy on all Canadians without warrants. Bill C-51 is being introduced on Monday. It is an infringement of our privacy rights, and our fundamental civil rights. Canadians its time to take a stand. Freedom is calling and we must all share the information and alert the Canadian public.

ALL Canadians Contact your MP here via phone or email by postal code:

Attn: Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Attn: Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson
Attn: Public Safety Minister Vic Toews

News Articles Detailing Proposed Canadian Internet Surveillance Bill C-51 Disappear From Web Today story broken by Occupy Canada

READ BILL C-51: Legislative Summary of Bill C-51

Harper Government wants Police to spy on ALL Canadians with no warrantsVideo:

Macleans: Harper's promise: a warrantless online police surveillance statesource:

"As an example of the new powers, Geist said authorities would be able to use equipment to isolate cellphone numbers of people attending a protest, and then be able to ask a cellphone company to disclose personal information of the people attached to those cellphone numbers." source:

Bill C-51 will turn ISPs into Police Internet gatekeepers
The bill would make it mandatory for telecom providers, ISPs and search engines to monitor, store, retain and not disclose e-mail, Internet and telephone communications at the request of law and security officials. No warrant necessary.
source: Globe and Mail

Ontario Privacy Commish on Online Spying Bills (CBC interview)

'Lawful Access' Online Spying Law Could Kill Small Internet Providers In Canada, Industry Group Says

Canadian judges and politicians have grown too old and out of touch with the reality of today's digital world to be trusted to make sound decisions about privacy rights, Ontario's privacy watchdog has warned. Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian believes will amount to a major breach of rights and freedoms.
"We are talking about the expansion of surveillance without judicial authorization. THIS SHOULD SCARE YOU," she said.

Americans shocked Harper crime bill gives more time to pot growers than pedophiles

Marijuana growers to face more jail than child rapists under Harper's new omnibus bill- Source:

Harsher sentences for pot growers than for pedophiles caught PM's eye: documents

A YouTube video shot in Toronto's downtown Dundas Square features someone with Occupy Canada preaching to Canadians to join rallies in their cities as part of a rising "global consciousness."

"We wrestle not against flesh or blood, not against Muslim, not against Christian, not against black, not against white -- but against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places, against the rulers of darkness of this world, and that is the truth -- and we wrestle not against each other but ... against the corrupt powers of this world," -Derek Soberal

CBC News source:
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