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Thanks guys.

Yeah I'm still trying to weigh my options and see what I really need. Of course right now I don't really need all the advantages of the coilovers, but here's what i've been able to figure out so far. If I went with and H&R/Koni or Bilstein setup, with new bushings for just mounting these it would be around 1300-1400 plus taxes duty and shipping. I can get a set of TRM coilovers for 1650 plus taxes duty and shipping. To me it kind of seems like for a couple hundred more I get a MUCH better set up, if that's the case, why not? I know the TRM's are tailored specifically for the E36 and can be ordered with a set up sheet to set them up to exactly what your own needs are. Essentially getting my own custom kit for my car instead of an off the shelf combo for around the same price. To me, that seems like the best bang for my buck option.

As for TCK, the only thing that worries me is the price, they are 1700 plus camber plates, so over 2k at the end of the day. Where as TRM is just at 2k. Plus from what I read on BF.C in a thread someone mentioned they are right in league with AST 4100 I believe? So I believe that is above the Koni S/A kits from GC and TCK? Correct me if i'm wrong though.
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