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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
Like i said before, with no FULL records, it means NOTHING! For a few hundred bucks the car can show whatever milage you want it to. One owner cars are VERY easy to do, since the original owner is the only one who knows the milage and no records are kept at the DMW (during ownership transfers). You can be the 1st owner, drive it to 200K and roll back to 50K, nobody has any records of it, other then the dealer if it was maintained there.

I'm not saying its not a nice clean car, but i hope you did some checking before you got it! Too many crooks out there; friend of mine just got a van with 40K, and after i did some checks it turns out it was 120K.
I want to the dealer who sold it to him!!! (and it was SALVAGE)
Whenever the E-test is done, I thought they record the mileage with the ministry as well? Swapping/programming the LCM, Cluster, Keys, and ECU is very possible. All of those components are all original and changing the mileage is not possible with the type of chip my cluster has.

Even if I didn't have the paperwork, one look at the undercarriage confirms the mileage.

Originally Posted by StraightSix View Post
Even though it's old, it still has low kilometers. Put it up for what you think it's worth and if you don't get what you're looking for just keep it. Not worth letting go for 6k for the low kilometers that it has.

Another thing I would also do if you're really serious about selling is try and get it back as close as you can to OEM. Putting back the stock exhaust and stock rims if you still have them. OEM is a big selling point on kijiji. Plus then you can sell the rims and exhaust separately and make more of a profit. When people see that a car has mods they instantly think that its been abused.
Agreed. Nice to see another local E46fanatic.
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