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Even though I had sent the video from my phone to the SA he had not been able to play it I was disappointed that they would not contact me to tell me they couldn't play the video. I could have converted to a .wav or .mp3. He also was young enough he could have sent it to his phone and played it. ANYWAY, just not great service IMO. Fine, have a problem; but wait 2 days until the customer is in the shop to tell them? BOO!

I played the video for him on my phone and he somewhat beat around the bush but did eventually say "that is not a normal sound". I was happy that he agreed without much 'fuss'. The main guy is away this week on education so I am going back next Wednesday. He also will share the video with his main guy but said he would want to hear the noise himself. I fear I will be without a car for a while if that's the case; intermittent noises can be from hell to find... seeing as I have 19 days of "new car" warranty left I am not happy to lose it for any of that time. I want to find out what else is going to break... do some hard driving, test it out.

... and my 'under the door handle' lighting IS BROKEN TOO. The whole CPO thing seems like a pretty shit process right now. In 6 days of ownership I have an engine problem and lighting failure. Makes you wonder what you get from them if you don't get a CPO vehicle!?
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