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Originally Posted by 2bmw2 View Post
You should just take it to the dealer, you can't easily make a diagnosis remotely.
Yep, headed there today after work. The problem I have is that it's intermittent and that's why I recorded it. I have a feeling that the noise will not be there when I arrive at the dealership and they are going to give me some line "well it's not there now". I don't want to leave my car there for days because I am still discovering little 'things' on it that I want address while the ink is fresh on the sale AND while I am under the new car warranty (until the 26th only!)

Little things like I can't get my pathway lighting to work. I think it's a user error, but I have tried what other posters say many times and it just does not work. The headlights come on and stay on, but not the little lights under the door. Under new car warranty its covered, under CPO it's not.
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