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Originally Posted by Jardine View Post
were those pics taken at harmony/taunton? I think I saw your car in Ajax a few days ago at subway. Clean looking Ti man. I"m usually not a fan of 'em, but yours is pretty nice!
Probably MIke & Jay, we left the car there for a bit.

Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
You get a muffler put on that thing yet?
There's a resonator in there now, but need bigger muffler as the car is still too loud.

Originally Posted by 5style View Post
oh sure, NOW you get one. welcome tot he e36 club Sam
Had it for a while now man.

Originally Posted by e30_kid89 View Post
Ti's ftw! Chigga how much did the BC kit for the ti run you? Suspension shopping for march... PM me!
Will do.
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