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I myself are in the midst of what you are doing and are looking very seriously at the Vogtland junior cup kits for around $450 us with a lifetime warranty unlike the OEM.

I can't forsee spending a grand or more for coilovers that can be adjusted 8 ways to sunday for a DD that might see a day or 2 for tracking. i myself don't have enough hours in the day to be playing the up and down softer and firmer game. For a track car I can see the need for the adjustability but not for a DD.

You really have to ask yourself whether you need that much adjustabilty.

just my thoughts.
The list starts here: Depo headlights w 8000k hid's,/CCFL's , smoked tails, corners and BBS RC041's/042's, Vogtland junior cup kit.
Lightweight flywheel ,clutch and SSK are in.....
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