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I've had ADSL on Bell since it was first introduced in Ottawa ... around 1997 maybe? I was grandfathered in on a static IP for many years, but then finally, the stopped offewring static, so I had to swtich.

Eventually ended up with Teksavvy DSL (with static IP), and it was ok, but nothing special. Now I have Teksavvy fibe via bell, still a static IP, and I'm a happy camper with 25/7 service. I have Teksavvy cable as a backup, but if the fibe prves reliable, I'll ditch that.

btw, the teksavvy is 300gb, and for extra $ yo ucan get unlimited ... I only care about the upload really, so the 300gb is plenty ... all in all, I'd say Teksavvy is top right now.
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