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Vtec just kicked in
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Originally Posted by FelixT View Post
Just curious.
always hear people saying the smaller companies are better, but I have Bell,pretty cheap, half price for a year, free modem, no contract......
stick with it.

teksavvy has taken a nose dive recently in many ways.

I just went through a bunch of bs with them and cable service... make a long story short(which it wasnt entirely their fault) I canceled and went with bell fibe deal thats on for half price.

ya bell and rogers are evil...but not much you can do if your having issues with your service from a third party provider since there hands are tied . just endless tickets and escalations that go nowhere. There isnt much the third party guys can do to fix problems. They are at the mercy of the big guys.

if your service works though...third party is great and its nice you are paying less to use the network than the big guys(not including promotions)
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