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Originally Posted by propr'one View Post
If you are on a VDSL2+ profile you should be using their router/modem combo to do the DSL sync. You can wire your home router (and DMZ it) from the ether ports (which should be gigabit).

What is your sync rate?
Yeah, I'm using the cellpipe modem from bell, but I have it in bridge mode and my TPLink dualWAN router is doing the PPPoe login, then my Linksys G for wireless. It's that way since I was lazy, and basically just replaced my old modem with the new one, without having to change any other settings on my lan. Definitely not the most ideal, but I need the dualWAN for now since I'm load balancing it with a Cable connection until I determine that the VDSL is stable enough to use by itself. I run some servers that can't be down for hours at a time while Bell ****s around with their stuff.
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