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Yeah, so sorry. After giving my other options careful consideration and playing with the numbers it became clear that would be no solution for any person in the suburbs. I put so much time and effort into this vehicle since September 2010 and feel there are not many cars out there that will not need a bunch of work done so sticking with it in hopes that in the summer all will be better is the way. Hopefully your friend can find a good E36 like this soon by or before the summer. They seem less and less common but still very much possible.

My main reason for wanting to sell it was financial. After some suggestions from friends and family support it will be in my best interest to hang onto this vehicle. Living in the suburbs makes it too hard for me to get around and the thought of not having it at all ended up being worse. To commute downtown in the summer for my job 12 - 15 days a month will cost me $225.60 - $282 per month just to get there and be stranded all other times. With this taken into consideration it is worthwhile for me to face it now and have things work out better for me in a few months time. Hopefully you find a good one like this for sale soon again.
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