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Steering warning and car won't start...

Hi Guys,

I have searched about this on this forum but I didn't get any matches, sorry if this is a repost...

I just got a E90 and some"mostof"times that I go start the car I get a amber/yellow icon in the dash with a pic of the steering wheel and arrow on the top pointing left and right (I know, I should that a pic, I'll do it tomorrow).

I have to remove and insert the key fob a few times to make it go away so it will finally allow me to start the car.

I did some research in the internet and found in some forum about some steering lock issues that the e90s have, but the icon that show in the dash of the people with this issue is a red one with a lock symbol over the steering wheel.

Is my issue the same ? would be icons different for each car/region ? or is it a normal thing ?

Does anyone knows how to fix it ? or if there is some sort of setup that I can do to remove the need to lock/unlock the steering ?

Thanks a lot
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