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Originally Posted by North View Post
For the E30, Ground control uses Corrado G60 struts and revalves them.

I think the original P/N is 8641-1198-Sport
Do you know if they just scratch out the VW part number, and punch the GC number beside it or something? Maybe Steve can comment when he takes his out, I am curious to find out about it.

It's always puzzled me for years why the Corrado shock is so popular in the E30 world, when E30s have always had the IX shock available. Right size (albeit a bit short, but thats what the plan was anyways), proper diameter, correct gland nut to screw it into the strut housing (at least for the Bilstein shock), and probably a decent valving characteristic for a near-same weighted car. FWIW, the IX Koni is 8641-1144Sport. I'd planned to put this into the '02, but the Koni dealer I dealt with forwarded me the email he sent to Koni NA, and he suggested going with a 8610 series shock instead because of the spring rate I was planning to run. If I ever build up another E30, I would definitely go with 8610s or 8611 Series shocks for a good budget setup. I'd definitely feel more confident with those than using an off-the-shelf shock meant for a FWD car

On another note, my rear Konis are in! Just need to go pick them up!

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