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thanks for the advice.
i just purchased a 89 325 coupe at a good price and better body.

however, i am still interested in the repairing of it so still might take a chance at least to prolong the life of the vehicle a year or two depending on price. untill it gets outta hand.then i will just part out or take what i need and scrap the car.

the strut tower im not 2 worried about. its like 4inches around and the gap is the thickness of my finger.

the control arm is what freaks me out. you can see the ctrl arm bolts through the rusted out frame. yikes! i have got some ideas from techs at work that perhaps weld a metal rail or somthing like a beam from the rear frame towards the front for strength and just go nuts with welding and jb weld where the bolts are. at this point it's do or die but doesnt hurt to try. i will see with eurostyle first for clean metal to cut, hopefully

does any body have suggestions, tips or anythin on a repair of something like this or know someone who has ever tackled somthing like this to this point.
i gots a problem of getting rid of cars "just like that".

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