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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
Somehow I strongly doubt this. I'm 99% sure all M cars since the E46 and E39 used 10W60, especially from the dealer.
1. Car is originally from Alberta and was dealer serviced.

2. It has the "sticker" in the manual FROM BMW that states that the car calls for BMW LL-01 5w30 or equivalent oil. (This is sort of funny. The early cars and the later cars have the same manual. For the later cars, BMW put a sticker on the oil recommendation page changing it from TWS 10w60 to the LL-01 5w30 or equivalent, LOL!). Markings in the manual for the vehicle's service indicate that the manual/service guide for this vehicle was followed.

3. I also have a paper copy of the TSB FROM BMW stating that cars built after 03/00 call for BMW 5w30 LL-01 or equivalent oil meeting the LL-01 standard.

Here is a pic of the TIS (borrowed from M5board):

If you need a pic of the sticker in my manual, you'll have to wait until the car is out of storage.

This topic, the TIS document, the manual sticker, the under hood stickers, the whole freakin' works has been BEAT TO DEATH on m5board, so I do not want to, and am not going to get into it about TWS or LL-01 in this thread, as I've already stated. If you want to research the topic, go to M5board and search for it, there have been probably a thousand threads on it.

That being said, here is the abbreviated version of the story: Engines produced up to 03/00 had low tension piston rings and tended to burn a lot of oil. Engines produced post 03/00 supposedly had revised piston rings that alleviated this issue and allowed for the use of the "mainstream" BMW LL-01 5w30 oil (and its equivalents).

When I was M5 shopping, this was pretty much how it played out as well, cars that were early build date (the TWS cars) had relatively high oil consumption (1L/1000Km was not uncommon to hear from the owners), whilst the later cars did not. My example uses approximately 1L/8,000Km, which is perfectly reasonable for a relatively high strung V8 IMHO.

So MY CAR, which is a 2001, calls for LL-01. It has been getting, and will continue to get M1 0w40, which is an approved lubricant for THIS application.

2001 BMW ///M5
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