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AMD Bulldozer. Better and have more raw power then Intel. It also competes with the I7 and is a fraction of the cost. I built my computer from ground up and cost 1200$ ish. Your better to sit down with a tech guy at a computer store and tell him your needs. Then you can actually play around with pricing and maybe score some deals on items. I got my 6870 for a wicked deal and they upgraded my PSU to a better make. You might also what to look into motherboards for expansion down the road. My mobo can handle the new AMD chips that will come out but I'm sporting a Phenom IIX4 955BE at the current moment which is OC to 3.7GHz without any issues and is actually faster then the i7.

sirex points are all on point tbh. His posts makes a lot of sense. I picked up an Corsair Force 3 series 120gb SSD. Win7 takes 5 secs at most to load from dead start to fully internet ready ect. I do live stream gaming so the quad core makes perfect sense. You really need something tailored to you. Anything new out of the box will work perfectly fine as it's new.

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