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If you never plan to over clock the CPU, the i72600K is a waste.

I like this XPS system from dell, right now it's at regular price. But during Christmas/Boxing week sale it went down as low as $799, I almost bought it even thought i didn't need it.

All you need to do is add a video card of your choice. It already comes with a 24'' monitor, you can't beat the price. Buying all the component serperately will cost you more.

I do agree with Sirex on the SSD, adding one as a primary drive will net you faster load times across the board.

Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Sadly, depsite what they want us to think, there hasn't been much change in the PC world for the last few years.
I disagree the new sandy bridge Intel processors are a pretty big step up.

More powerful and use alot less power. (Even bigger difference in laptops)
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