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Im assuming you're buying this system pre-built?

That's alright I guess. My suggestion would be the following:

I would probably suggest going for a sinlge GPU, e.g. just get 1 x 6970 versus 2x 6850's. Price point is very similar. (though I dont know how they do the pricing for these pre builds).

drop the I7 for an I5 as that I7 is pretty pricey. Hell I'd even suggest going for i3.

single biggest performance will be a Solid state drive as your primary. Maybe 120 gbs should suffice for the games you play regulalr + OS, then a second drive with everything else.

8gbs of ram is the sweet spot for some of the newer games. Id suggest going with ddr3 1600mhz as its pretty mainstream now/cheap. Hell Ive had dd3 1600mhz in my system for 2 years now.


Sadly, depsite what they want us to think, there hasn't been much change in the PC world for the last few years. Seems like stuff is slowing down on the home consumer level, I think mostly its attributed to developers not having the tools to create anything better.

I just want to use this as an example. I build my PC 2 years ago in November 2009. I got a phenom II black edition 3.2 ghz (quad core). 4 gbs of ram and back then the new radeons were pumping out and I got a 5770 (mostly becuase I liked that it had the HDMI port which you could do sound out of) oh a 500 gb WD black edition for 70$ was on sale then.

Fast forward today, still works really well, playing BF3 with the default graphics (it selected high on everything) and I've always had 2x 24 inch monitors with 1920x1080p.
The only upgrade I made was that I bought another 4gbs of the same ram I bought 2 years ago for $25 (i got ripped off but I didn't want to buy all new ram, as I could have bought 8gbs mushkin for like 35$.)

In any case, there was a slight performance boost with the extra ram as BF3 loaded maps alot quicker.

The only other beneficial upgrade I can see at this point in time is an SSD, because there is nothing being released that I cant play at, at least high settings.

In total I spent around $635 with the mother board and an DVD drive (basically all the internals). I had a case and a PSU already and win 7 and the monitors.

My only regret is that I splurged on the processor. I went for one of the better AMD processors at the time it was $200 when I got it. However at the same time they had the Phenom 2 555, or whatever its called that was a dual core and not a quad core for $120 ish. I am 95% certain that if I had gone with that processor I would never have noticed a difference and saved 80$

and if I had pumped that extra 80 at the time into getting a better graphics card I would have much better performance because the one downside of the 5770 is that it has a 128 bit bus versus the 256 bit bus which was a major chocke point for this card (still good though).

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