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LF: machine design project: lsd diff(hopefully busted.. and free)

Hey guys

For my machine design project this term I'm looking to design the actual gear teeth on something (the project can include clutches, brakes bearings etc..)

My idea for this was to do the teeth on dif gears(spider, ring, pinion) and the clutches for a lsd... I don't have to worry bout the ramps or casing or assemblyy components etc, just make sure the gears will take a theoretical amount of torque and the clutches provide a certain amount of lock..

What I pretty much need is the dimensions of all the components.. And I'm hoping you got a busted one so I wouldn't have to worry bout re assembly

I'm not gonna be pickey any busted lsd is fine, if its under 100 ill see if I can get a student grant for this kinda proj... But free would be nice

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