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Originally Posted by misschigga View Post
To OP ...... didn't you tell me last week that you wouldn't mind having a GM truck.....also people who know the OP and know what he looks like might find this funny.

About Oshawa.....meh I don't really care!!! Bad pockets everywhere you go! Some places have bad names and never get rid of it. For example Bramladesh......Staborough.....Chinkmond Hill, My co-worker lives in an apartment on Bayview and Finch and got her car broken into 3 times in a short time frame. I remember when my daughter was little we went for a walk downtown to look at all the fancy buildings and the Eaton center. She got all upset by homeless people sleeping on the street. I have lived in small town northern Ontario and i have lived in Toronto and agree that Toronto is more diverse and more cultural and more alive and exciting. But we chose for the bigger detached house with a garage, bigger drive and smaller school that we otherwise could not afford to buy in Markham, or any gta place.

The OP also has too much time on his hands

wait, you guys are together no?

if so, that's classic. LOve it.

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Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.
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