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Originally Posted by m3the01 View Post
What about point 1, ur warranty is not honored... i assume he is speaking if one does not obtain the recall letter from bmw canada.

However, i know from personal experience this wasnt required for me and several friends to have our vehicles worked on under warranty.

Has something changed? Im not saying it is for sure untrue. I would like the source of the information, policy change, etc.
"All modifications required to make cars conform to Canadian standards must be done by an authorized BMW dealer in Canada"

This means going through BMW Canada, getting the recall letter through them, doing your cluster swap and DRL there.

I spoke to BMW Canada probably about 4-5 times and they confirmed this - you need to meet canadian standards to have the warranty continued. I know some people who got lucky and had their car warranty serviced - but all they need to do is see that you didn't get the recall done through them to reject you. Knock on wood, especially on a big job like an engine failure.

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