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Originally Posted by HalifaxMMM View Post
if you take this route:

1) your warranty is not honoured in Canada (unless the specific dealer decides to) as per BMW Canada's policy they won't and aren't supposed to.

2) My buddy who imported at the same time as me did what you suggested and had his car branded unfit by the MTO a few weeks later. Now he's fighting it out in court. All dealers have specific instructions that they will face fines / repercussions for disclosing this info, since at the top it says "This is not to be distributed to any third parties"

Something to do with the report not accurately reflecting the actual recalls outstanding on the car.

Sorry, where is your source for information? I have bought several bmw's from the US. A recall letter from an american dealer is all that is required, simple print screen is even acceptable as long as they are an authorized BMW dealer.

Please see,

Likewise, call bmw canada and inform them you are moving to the Canada and ask if your US warranty is valid. The warranty is valid, and one even has the option to move back and reactivate the warranty in the states. I dont have experience on the latter, but was told on the phone it is possible.
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