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Originally Posted by E30M42cab View Post
^^Bruno goes all out, all the time. His tires are so cambered in that they're half slick, half grip. He doesn't even use his brakes, he just downshifts into first. He runs 235's in the summer, and 175's in the winter. He runs his coils on full low, all the time. He runs an "is" lip in the winter. He has heated seats but never uses them.

Lets face it, its the M42 power that your tires just can't handle.
The worst part is that there is some truth in that...

All joking aside, my driving habits are apropriate to driving conditions. Yes there are times that i let it break loose but thats on my terms. Its not black ice i know what thats like.. I just find that with these mild temps the tires suck. When we had that cold snap car gripped great.

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