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Originally Posted by 98bimmer View Post
Not much to say, other then this

So i needed a power steering pump to have everything bolted together, i could not find one localy so i had to order from the US, was very carefull who i deal with; got it from someone with 99.something% positive feedback. Few weeks later it shows up and i try to fit it, seconds later i see NO way is this going to work! Check part #, sure enaugh its for 525/528/530 wich i have at least 5 myself... Now i had to send the old one back, and still waiting for the M5 unit to hopefully show up!!! 4 weeks LOST just because someone cant do things the right way and ship the proper parts! This is just why i like to always buy local whenever possible, even if it cost a bit more! Its just not worth the time and agravation trying to save a few bucks.
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