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Originally Posted by AMG_POWER View Post
Guys whats the company with decent rates?

So far td is the lowest of them all, statefarm quotes double of that. so weird.

Where else should i call?
A few years ago TD's rates almost doubled (4 increases in 12 months). This past year State farm had some significant increases. It's a cycle. Almost every company that operates in Ontario had an increase in the past 12 months, however, some did have decreases in specific areas/postal codes.

There is no one company with the best price. Every company has a target client. The trick is to find the company targeting you. If you are calling banks, direct writers, or agents, you are getting once price at a time. If you want to get a few quotes at once, call a broker. Every broker out there has at least 3 companies they represent, some have more.

Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
insurancehotline dot ca?

Can't remember if that gives you the local best 5-10 insurance quotes.
It used to be top 3 quotes. I'm not sure what they are doing now.

I used to work with a web based quoting service. We stopped. Generally, these types of webpages make money by selling "qualified leads" to brokers for a flat fee. They are not overly concerned about accuracy as they get paid once your information gets sent to the broker/agent, not once you get the policy/price they teased you with. The lower the price offered, the greater chance of the client electing to be contacted = fee paid to web service. It can be a very frustrating process for both the prospective client and the broker.

Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
TD is good. If you have a university or college education, their division Meloche Monnex is untouchable.

I pay $110 a month for my E30, and I have a totalled Camry on my record.
Meloche has some competitive pricing, but they aren't untouchable. Half of my clients who come from Meloche move for price alone, the other half are in situations that TD will no longer accommodate or are tired of dealing with a call centre. Many people pay more then they have to because they assume where there are is still the best just because it used to be six years ago.

If you are going to post up what you pay, try to include the bare basic info (ex: # of tickets, or # of years since an accident). It can help others figure out what options are available to them. I pay $120/mo for my 'vert with Wawanesa and have 5 at fault claims on my record. Without a time frame, that info is misleading as Wawa will not write a driver with 2 at faults in a 5 year period. Yes, I have 5 claims, but my last accident was in 2002. (I'm not a maniac, I used to drive a delivery truck)

Indiretly, MaxBell brings up an important point: When getting quotes ALWAYS REQUEST ACCIDENT FORGIVENESS.

Further to that: If you have an accident less than 2-3 yrs old and are receiving forgiveness, you are often best to stay with your current company.

Wherever you call for a quote, my best advice is to be as accurate as possible. It used to be that if you drive to work less than 20 km it was all the same price. This isn't the case anymore. Work out your exact annual mileage and your exact commute distance. Know your exact licencing dates. I had a case this week were a client guessed their G2 date, was off by 1 week and she would have been paying $300 more than necessary if it wasn't caught.

Good luck!

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