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Originally Posted by Wuzie View Post
Thanks for the tip, but Im scooping a windshield from a member on here for $80, and Im gonna install it myself. I removed my old one and put it back in with no troubles, only difficult part was the locking strip. I read online that if I soak it in hot water to make it more flexible and use soapy water as lube, it should slide in fine.
You can get a tool that sets it really easy. The lock strip feeds into it and you just kinda slide the tool in the rubber. Probably easiest to do it while the rubber seal around the window is very warm (like on a sunny day).

After breaking a windshield in my 318i trying to get it out, I decided to just throw money at the problem of putting a new one in. After seeing the guys put my new one in, I was so mad at myself for letting someone else do it.
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