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by that logic i should steal from the banks and any large corporation as they are big enough that a little guy like me will never hurt them and they over charge for what they are offering. why should a bank charge service charge for something that has been built once and used continuously over and over again? i don't buy your analogy. would you shop lift? why should you pay for groceries when the big companies rake in billions in profit?

i don't see how you can redefine theft/stealing/robbing...this isn't being about honest mistake or anything...this is knowingly taking something where an expectation of some sort of payment is required.

i'm more than happy to debate whether the value of the product is worth what is being charged...

let me know how you make out stealing from a bank electronically. no one was directly hurt in the crime so it's fine to carry out?

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quite odd how you feel compelled to give money away to people who have net worths 100 times yours. probably as well make more money in 1 year then your entire family will earn in a lifetime.

I think the term theft needs to be redefined, there is a large difference from stealing from your nieghbour his weekly salary. versus taking content that was once played on tv at a certain time, downloading that episode, and having it on your computer for your convenience. instead of going to your local corporate department store and paying 50 dollars for the 8 show DVD set because you missed the one episode.
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