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Originally Posted by ZiMMie View Post
3.62 and a 5-speed how do you like on the hwy?
Speed km/h - RPM, 5th gear. Accuracy - the best my eye can get.

50km/h - 1500 rpm.
70km/h - 2050 rpm.
80km/h - 2400 rpm.
90km/h - 2700 rpm.
100km/h - 3000 rpm.
110km/h - 3400 rpm.
120km/h - 3700 rpm.
130km/h - 3950 rpm.
140km/h - 4250 rpm.

5th gear at 100km/h on a hwy, cluster shows 9L/100km city I would say no more then 13L/100km.

Originally Posted by Balatch View Post
I saw/rode in this when I came to check out your e21(brown guy in the focus that got beat up by the parking stick thing haha) Clean car, definitely poured a lot of heart into it. Only issue is M3 prices are coming down, but anyone who apprecciates the time and money thats gone into this will see that its definitely worth the extra 7-8k more than buying a stock 328. Good luck selling it!
For sure I remember u Thanks for a good words, glad to hear that you like my car.
OT: so u bought a car or still looking?

Originally Posted by JCunha View Post
Nice car , could never justify the price though when m3s are starting to sell for that money.
Price is obo, hard to priced it anyway. M3 for that money usually cost low for a reason. For me, insurance between this car and an M3, 4,000$ a year in SAVINGS (with one ticket on a record).
+M3 is a stock car which manufactured in millions copies, car what I'm selling for car enthusiasts trust me to owe the car which are different from others (kinda unique) it's priceless. Got stop by random people (traffic lights, stop by Starbucks, strangers on a sidewalk, etc.) asking u questions... It's actually make ur car something else then just a car, something special. (based on my experience)

Originally Posted by v_bimmer View Post
How come it doesn't have any m3 goodies inside? Steering wheel, cluster, seats..
For me M3 interior not that far from mine (drove more then 10 different M3, so got enough time to realize if I need it or not), and for me CAR is what under the car what makes it move and react on drive's effort. Comfort and look of my interior in my 328ci by my opinion very good and even with coilovers pretty comfortable. It's just not that important to me, when it's not effecting driving/handling.
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