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Arrow FS: BMW 328ci 2000, S54 swap.

Hello everyone, posting my car for sale all the information below. If i missed something let me know please.

Body/Original car:
2000 328ci Black on Black( BMW Cosmos Black on Black Leather ) 197000kms Canadian Car
Rear sub-frame recall was performed at BMW dealership with papers to prove. (all was covered by BMW). They also did all new hand brake lines, alignment, brake and clutch flush.
Premium pkg/Cold weather pkg, Owned for 3 years.

Modifications/Story behind it:
Tried to sell my car last winter (2010/2011), didn't get what I want for such an amazing car, so I started to look how to gain power out of this car. By looking on internet came across some good engines. Found S54 for pretty good price. And that's how this project begins. 1 year it's took me to do everything right. Car pass safety and emissions like it was from the factory. After changing the engine, while waiting on a engine computer, I decide to get 3.62 limited-slip differential . Honestly, an idea to pay 2k-1.5k for a full back + 0.4k to build a new driveshaft wasn't look good for me. So I decide invest that money and buy a full BMW M3 from salvage auction. Got a nice piece, drivable, rollover but all what I was interested in was in a perfect shape! Then I went and buy Megan 'the Euro Street Series' full coilovers, and decide to go with the M3 brakes Finding out the hard way, I realize that I need to change the whole front suspension for it.
So, to quickly summarize all that I changed:

From M52TUB28 to 3.2 L S54 M-tuned engine (full swap inc. full cooling system from M3). Oil change done few times after the engine being installed in February and October with Castrol 10W60 (full synthetic). Engine build date May 2003, came off from 2004y E46 M3 conv. with 95k on it, from seller words, only prove was from cluster (same car). Rest came off from 2002y E46 M3 coupe with 118,070 Km on it. Engine in ideal working conditions.

From 328ci to K&N full air intake kit.

From stock 328ci to 3inch double exhaust with no resonators with stock M3 cats and Borla muffler at the end. (Parents/kids/strangers/friends/friend's parents told me that the sound from this car is one of the most amazing ones, and I strongly agree with that.)

Swap from stock 328ci to Megan 'the Euro Street Series' +arms, bushings, etc. changed to M3 suspension.

From 328ci steering rack to M3 steering rack.

From 328ci stock brakes to M3 stock brakes.

Original R18 staggered BMW rims (from E82 128i) with winter tires size 245/45 R18. Using 15mm front and 20mm rear spacers.

Carbon fibre (material vinyl) trim wrap, zhp shift knob.

Front windshield was replaced (stone chip), smoked corners/ LED (m3 replica) tail lights/side turning lights, hood locks, LED reverse light/LED front corner lights, Angel lights CCFL.

How good/save is this build:
It's pass safety and emission with no issues at all, this car being brought on motorsport race truck in Ontario did 25+ laps (with proper cool down time and procedure) being inspected after 'no issues found'. Some people would say that's the race truck is bad for a car, I believe according to my knowledge (that's 8y of experience and finishing Centennial collage on automotive technician with higher marks in class) that's that is a true test of how good is the car, if it can easily withstand racetrack then it can easily withstand regular daily driving. So my opinion and opinion of people who inspect the car (few different people with different experience, one of them 18years master technician with all the BMW certifications) was: This car is definitely safe and ready for street use.

Issues at current moment:
Currently I know two of them: small one (led lights causing warning lights on a dash) and a bigger one (steering rack which I installed wasn't that good as it should be). I can't fix steering rack right now, because my body betrayed me, I got hernia operation and now got some effects after surgery, waiting on doctors decision.

Reason for sale:
I do love that car, and I would never sold it, but I'm simply can't afford one more superbike (planning on getting Ducati 696 2011) for my girl and next project E36 with corvette engine (planning on doing swaps for a rest of my life).

Test drive:
Last's of people want to JUST test drive it. Please be more respectful, lots of labour/money/ piece of my soul /nerves spend on this car and I willing to let people test drive it only if buyer serious. You can come and have a look at it, no problem. But let me know what are you coming for.

Dyno test, list of changed parts and how it's being done can be discussed on the spot with serious buyer only.
If I forget to mention something let me know so I can edit it.

Price: 17,000.00$ obo.

Thank you for reading my post, please contact (call/text) at 416-786-3090 Vitaly (English/Russian) anytime to discuss. Car is around Yonge St. and Sheppard Ave. area.

P.s. I may help u if u need help/advise with ANY swaps (in person only), under following condition: u doing it yourself and not getting paid for that by customer/friend/etc.
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