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New guy from Ottawa!

Hello everyone, my names Anson. 17 year old from Montreal originally, I came across this e30 on a local add and couldn't pass it up.

So, lets start off with some history. I saw the ad on kijiji asking for $1500 for a 1989 BMW 325i sedan with 245k on it, and figured it couldnt be worth much since all the other ones were listed at over $3000. There was no pics in the ad, so through emails he send me pics of this gem. Love at first sight? I think so. Went over the next day with cash in hand and prepared to negotiate. Lucky for me, the car wouldnt start. It was just cranking over and over. (It sat for 6 months prior)

I figured what the hell. Offered him $400 cash, and with reasoning it was settled at $500 cash for the beast. I paid $65 for a tow truck to tow it to my house, and since then I've been trouble shooting and cleaning the car. :hehe:

Last night, nearing the end of December, things got serious. I bought brand new fuses and replaced all of them. I checked the fuses before (first thing I did) but apparently I ****ed up cause more than half of them were blown!

After 10 minutes of cranking, it came to life. Went for a quick drive - no plates, no windshield, not registered - down my street and back, she drives like a beauty. This is how it sits currently.

Replaced the driver's seat because it was torn to shit. Still need to swap the heating element over and it'll be solid.

I need a new windshield for the safety, and an o2 sensor for etest. All basic maintenance will be done soon enough.

Oh and theres a new battery in there. The old one was way undersized.

I joined here to learn and gain help from the fellow e30 owners, and hope to be a part of the bmw community.

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