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Originally Posted by Wuzie View Post
I will gladly take the windshield off your hands if its up for sale, how much are you looking for? Im in orleans, not too far!

And the black carpet if its for sale, list your price
Wuzie wanted me to remove and install his windshield, of which I have no experience doing. If someone wants to do this, Speedy quoted him $140.

Update: Got the flywheel back from the machine shop! Apparently it was REALLY bad. The last guys had taken a wire wheel on a drill to it and the machinist said it took 15/1000 to get it smooth.

It's down on the back to change the offset to fit in the M50 + G260, and lightened as well (down to 15 lbs from 19)

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Originally Posted by 411 View Post
just letting this furom [*forum] know

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