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Originally Posted by Giormelo View Post
sorry not to thread jack, but I have the exact same problem but on a completely stock shifter and everything.. Should I my problem be the same as yours?
Could be on of the problems. But it is more likely due to overall ware and tare from age. Before I replaced my shifter, it had 270k on it. It felt like I could shift again after I had already shifted.

Originally Posted by Deo View Post
I'll take a look under the car today. When I called the shop they said they would have replaced that sponge, but you never know, could it be the whole joint itself? The selector rod is the DSSR so that shouldnt be a problem.

If it were the transmission, would that be something that could be fixed? Or would I be looking at replacong it?
Was this amount of play in each gear before you replaced the shifter? It doesnt sound like its your transmission but if it is, you will prolly wanna look at a replacement unless you can rebuild yourself.

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