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At 5k, it's still really only for complete lovers of the E36 car specifically. For 5k, you can start looking at some other nice cars as well.

And it was 4500. For an M3. Pics looked pretty damn got pulled fast. Must've gotten sold or dealer found out they were selling for way too low.

Nah, noodles101, I think know what I'm talking about. I know that M3s SHOULD be around 7-10k depending on level of mintness. But I also know that in general, normal e36s hold a lot less value. Few people manage to sell an E36 for 5k, regardless of how mint. The number of enthusiasts still gunning for one is dying in number and that price tag will come down. It is not a classic car and it is not remembered for much compared to, say, the E30.
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