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Originally Posted by BigD View Post
That's typical of BMWs though. Like the way people complain about Bilsteins being harsh over bumps, when in reality they're just almost fully compressed and hitting anything beyond a normal rut in the road, makes them crash into the bumpstops. My mind was blown when I got the koni race struts from GC - at full droop my front suspension is lower than stock E30 ride height.

Maybe check Summit if there's an 8611 or 8612 strut that would fit your housings?
When I first talked to one local Koni supplier I know, he sent an email off to Koni NA, and the reply also suggested the 8610-Race shock (single adj) because he knew it fit into my shock housing without issue. I just have to measure the length of the body when the strut is out again. The other problem was having a rear to match the agressive valving of the front which is why I've been searching around for a top adj, possibly rebuildable/revalveable shock for the back. If I get serious with the car, I might get Advance Designs for the rear, but I want to drive the car first and see if it is even worthwhile. Still have a few months to formulate a decision.

Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Have you seen this guy's build? Some of it will not be your cup of tea, but shit just keeps getting better as you read. I won't ruin it, but here is some motivation to read through it.

Check it out for more, there are a few surprises. Page 15 for the big one...
Yeah his build is on the 2002 forums as well. You are right, not my cup of tea at all, but I appreciate the amount of effort into it. Just not too crazy about the fenders and stuff... first time that gets rubbed or scruffed, it is going to all crack and get messed up judging by the amount of bondo in those.

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