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Originally Posted by dble Trouble View Post
Historically we followed Trillium Solo rules that yes had the influence of BMWCCA which was influenced by SCCA. Randy and Rich are at the helm this year, and I'll be advising. There has been no discussion to change the format at this time.
well, the website has links to the SCCA (USA) rules but at the same time has a link to the CASC (Canadian) Car Classification Worksheet... a little confusing.

The website should be corrected to represent the SCCA car class worksheet... if we are staying with SCCA rules.

I think going to the CASC rules would be better for everyone this year because a lot of regulars have cars with only a few mods (intake/lowering springs/tower brace/braided lines/bushing material) that would put them in Super-Stock instead of using the present rules (SCCA) would put them in the Street-Prepared class.

just a thought... either way the website should be updated.
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